Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will consider it fate."

- Carl Gustav Jung

CreativeMind Method

We developed a coaching system that goes beyond just thinking positive and motivation and enables a client to individuate from old patterns and become her true self. A spiritual psychology based on the works of Carl Jung, Eastern Wisdom Traditions, Foundations in Coaching and Nueroscience.

No other system gives you a complete process to work with someone in a creative way that is inspiring, forward-focused, and that creates lasting change.

A Complete Coaching System

The CreativeMind Method™ combines Jungian philosophy, the spirituality of the East and neuroscience in a deep, but practical way to deliver a coaching model to help others to step into their true Self. This is not a singular technique, but a complete coaching system that teaches many techniques and tools for you to use for your own personal growth and to help others in a powerful, lasting way.

Our process involves these KEY highly-creative components:

  • How to use visualization and active imagination
  • How to work with emotions in a positive way
  • How to use symbols that show up in your everyday life for transformation  
  • How to manage your mind through meditation and self-inquiry
  • A complete system to help you guide a client to get the results they want in life  

In the CreativeMind Coach Training, we encourage our students to experience the process for themselves as well as get the training in how to coach others.

Watch Dr. Robert Maldonado Explain Consciousness & The Mind

As a Certified Jungian Life Coach, you will understand on a deep level of how the mind works and how you can help a client really create the life they want.


If you are still deciding if Jungian Life Coach Training is for you, view a short video that answers Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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