Student Testimonials

I could never put a price tag on the invaluable coaching Debi and Dr. Rob have provided me as they helped me take back the reins of my life. Little did I know the one area of my life that I was struggling with was just the opening to such a more expansive, fulfilling and joyful life. One where I finally was able to remove the dingy glasses I was viewing life from and see clearly what a powerful creator I am.  

— Jane Omohundro, Image Coach |

“Having seen how powerful this work has been in my own life, I wanted to learn how to apply this to my voice teaching business. Working with singers and speakers, I knew this could really offer a profound and deep shift for people using their voice - combining the mindset piece with the mechanical and functional aspects of vocal technique. The Jungian approach to working with the mind provides a powerful, deep and lasting transformation.  

Whatever your field of work, the mind drives everything we do and this coach training teaches you how to practically apply this to your business. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone wanting to help their clients find a lasting transformation.

— Anouska Taylor, Vocal Instructor |

I was already coaching, but I found Jungian Coaching useful because it helped me streamline my methods and tools and armed me with the science behind how it all worked. It made for even greater confidence which translated to confident selling and more clients.  

— Jennifer Duclair, Mindset Mentor |  

I’ve been working with Debi & Dr. Rob for the past 4 years and I started because I had one problem to solve - but then I became “hooked” on the intrigue of the work itself and Eastern Philosophy was a big part of the draw along, with Jungian Psychology. I feel secure in the principles no matter what the situation, whether its love, family, friendships, career, or otherwise. And…I’ve more than doubled my 6 figure income from doing this work, and have become a Certified Jungian Spiritual Life Coach just because I love it so very much! I established my passion project business, Newborn Evolution – as Leadership Transformation Coach & Journalist, in addition to my high pressure corporate career. Everyday is a beautiful new adventure!

— Joanne Newborn |

For me the highlights of the coaching program was the wealth of knowledge provided to us and on the course coaching experience. These have given me much more confidence to now become a Jungian Life Coach and share my knowledge with others.  

— Sania Jalal |

If you are looking to known yourself and grow into your potential. I highly recommend working with Debra and Dr Rob Maldonado. I can say after just completing the Coach training and Individuation process, that I have grown exponentially within a few months I attained five years worth of growth awareness. I feel stronger and possess my personal voice. 

— Lynda Silva | The Soulful Artist Connection

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