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Discover Jungian Life Coach Training with CreativeMind — for aspiring life coaches seeking a superior coaching model, a dynamic community and a transformational personal experience to create lifelong change.

Jungian Life Coach Training is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). ICF is considered the gold standard in coaching and accreditation is issued only for those programs teaching to the highest standard.

A Note from the Founders

Over the past decade, we have worked with thousands of students around the world to develop a coaching methodology that helps high-functioning individuals with big dreams reach their full potential.

We developed the CreativeMind Method as a labor of love. The love of psychology and deeper spiritual understanding of the human experience brought us together and we joined forces to share this process with others through our Certification training programs.

People are craving a deeper understanding of themselves and a more direct spiritual experience in their lives. Carl Jung created a map of the psyche (soul) that we can follow and the wisdom of Eastern Spirituality gives us the higher knowledge that complements Jung’s work.

Debra Berndt Maldonado & Robert Maldonado, Ph.D. | Founders of CreativeMind

Our mission is to provide life coach training that is beyond just simple motivation and action steps but to bring a deeper, spiritual experience of one’s true nature. After all, life coaching should be about life, not just on the surface persona but the whole person — conscious and unconscious. The process of personal transformation should be creative and inspiring instead of constantly trying to fix yourself. If you are looking for something different, then you are in the right place.

We invite you to explore this opportunity to deepen your own self-knowledge and discover new layers of your unlived self. The process will help you bring light to your true personality so you can share your gifts with others and make a real difference in others’ lives.

This is the journey you were meant to be on. Let’s begin it together.

Creatively yours,

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