Is this program Accredited?

Yes! Jungian Life Coach Training is Accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) for 95 Continuing Coach Education (CCE) hours. Graduates of our program will have the option to pursue renewal of an existing ICF Credential or apply program hours through ICF's Portfolio Path for a new ICF Credential.

Do I need a college degree to take this program?

A degree is not required. Many of our students have advanced degrees in various industries such as medicine, law, psychology, philosophy, and art which compliments the training.

How many hours do I need to dedicate to complete this training?

The program is six months in length. We estimate that you should require between 3-5 hours per week, including listening to modules, coaching practicum, reading, and group sessions.

Are there any other costs involved in getting Certified?

Everything is included in the tuition with the exception of two required reading books totaling approximately $25. Unlike other programs, you do not have to buy additional coaching sessions or pay any additional fees to qualify for Certification.

What is the International Jungian Coaching Association?

We developed the International Jungian Coaching Association (IJCA) to establish graduates in an elevated approach to coaching that goes beyond simple surface motivation and positive psychology taught mainly to train executive coaches. Our graduates work with all types of clients from executives, celebrities, entrepreneurs, artists, healers, and more who crave deeper work, incorporating the unconscious and spiritual aspects of a person’s psyche. CreativeMind graduates receive a 1-year membership to the IJCA.

Does this program include private coaching?

Yes, you will get access to a Mentor Coach to give you private sessions so you can experience the coaching for yourself as well.

Is this program for men and women?

Jungian Life Coach training is designed primarily for women but is an exceptional fit for some enlightened men. The work includes Feminine Archetypes that influence a woman's Persona but we also cover the Masculine Archetypes so the work can easily be applied to the individuation process for men.

What kind of support do you offer after graduation?

We have an annual membership to our International Jungian Coaches Association with a graduate forum and quarterly group calls. We offer advanced courses for certified graduates including a deep dive into business and marketing for coaches, an Applied Coaching program to master coaching skills as well as various continuing education workshops.

Do I learn how to get clients and start my coaching business?

In the training you will get three (3) bonus training videos to give you the foundation of how to start your coaching business and how to find clients.



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