Online Life Coach Certification Details

The 6-month Life Coach Training Program gives you a foundation of Jungian Psychology, Eastern Spirituality, Social Neuroscience and basic coaching skills to help individuals create the life they truly want by becoming their true Self.

This is a highly experiential program, including a student cohort, 1-1 coaching, hands-on practice, and many online tools and resources. A tremendous benefit of the program is the personal transformation you will experience participating in the training.

LENGTH 6-months

DATES Begins January 27, 2021

TUITION $8500 pay-in-full (ask about our special extended payment plan) | View Tuition Details

12 Video Modules

Pre-recorded video modules released every other week during the program with theory, techniques and handouts for practice. | Overview of Learning Modules

15 Live Group Calls

Live video group coaching calls for demonstrations and hot seats to get your questions answered.

Private Sessions

Private Sessions with Debra and Dr. Rob Maldonado to help you get that personal support throughout the program.

Office Hours

Every week you can participate in an "Office Hours" group session with Dr. Rob Maldonado to give you extra coaching and questions answered about the process.

Student Forum

Interact with the community of students and trainers, Debra & Robert Maldonado, Ph.D., to share experiences, insights and ask questions anytime.

Worksheets & Scripts

Get a toolkit of scripts and worksheets to help you work with clients in an easy step-by-step process for best results. Visualization scripts that you can use to record your own guided visualizations for your clients

Bonus Business Building Modules

Learn how to take your skills to the market to get paying coaching clients through our business building models that include how to get clients, enroll them in your coaching packages, package pricing and set-up as well as identifying your niche and message.

Creative Mind Life Coach Training

Our 6-month program summary, tuition, and International Jungian Coaching Association Membership

6-Month Life Coach Certification Program

This is a highly experiential program that includes live sessions, online tools, a student cohort, detailed materials, and hands-on practice outlined below. Upon completion of the course, you will be a Certified Jungian Life Coach.

  • 12 Pre-Recorded Video Module Trainings
  • 15 Live Group Coaching Sessions
  • 6 Private Coaching Sessions with Debra or Rob
  • Student Forum with 24-7 Access to the Group and Trainers
  • Coaching Toolkit with Worksheets & Scripts
  • Coaching Practicum (included - hours for certification with assigned student coaching partner)
  • Awarded title of "Certified Life Coach" with the International Jungian Coaching Association


$8500 pay-in-full (ask about our special extended payment plan)

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Membership to IJCA

Each student will receive a bonus one-year membership to the International Jungian Coaching Association after graduation that includes special member privileges.

  • Coach Directory Listing
  • Special Discounts on Courses, Continuing Education Program, and Retreats
  • Use of IJCA Badge of your website

$250/year First year free!

Learning Modules

Module 1

Intro to Creative Mind Coaching

Overview of theory including Jungian Psychology, Eastern Spirituality and Social Neuroscience. Introduction to the new paradigm of consciousness and how the Creative Mind Method coaching model helps individuals become their true selves.

Module 2

Persona & Shadow

Understand how the ego constructs the conditioned personality and what Jung called the “Persona” and the “Shadow.” How the shadow unconsciously influences a client’s results and how to conduct your first coaching session to begin the process of individuation.

Module 3

Feminine Persona Archetypes

Understand the four Feminine Archetypes that influence a woman’s Persona: Mother - Lover - Professional - Mystic. Learn how to conduct a Feminine Archetype Test to help clients identify their habitual patterns.

Module 4

Emotional Wisdom

A deeper exploration of discovering the shadow in the unconscious through the power of emotions. Learn the Emotional Power Integration technique to help free client from their conditioned responses so they can consciously choose their life.

Module 5

Working with Resistance

Discover the common cognitive distortions that drive your clients’ perceptions and learn how to work through the resistance with a special Goal Setting Session that reveals unconscious barriers to change.

Module 6

Spiritual Foundation of Creative Mind Coaching

An Introduction to Eastern Spirituality and the concepts of the three levels of awareness - Physical - Subtle and Causal Mind and how they cover the true nature of reality for a client. Learn how to guide a client to experience the symbolic life by being able to see symbols in dreams and waking life to give them more guidance and direction

Module 7

Family & Cultural Shadow

Beyond personal experiences, understand how clients can carry shadow elements from family and cultural influences for generations. How to help clients individuate in a healthy way to express their true nature with family, friends and work.

Module 8

Masculine & Feminine Archetypes

Carl Jung coined the terms Anima and Animus, the countersexual aspects of men and women. Learn how to work with your anima or animus and help clients get a deeper connection to their spirit or soul and improve their relationships.

Module 9

Visualization & Active Imagination

Get the basics of how to structure a visualization to be most effective, how to write a good script that makes effective changes to the client’s unconscious mind and how to use the practice of active imagination to help a client uncover hidden aspects of themselves.

Module 10

Mindset for Creating

Understand the social and emotional neuroscience of change, how the brain processes information and perception and how to help a client create a vision for themselves and their life.

Module 11

Jungian Dream Interpretation

Get an introduction to basic Jungian Dream Interpretation by learning the dream structure, symbols, archetypes and types of dreams to help a client understand themselves and get guidance on their path of individuation.

Module 12

Wise Woman Archetype as a Life Coach

This last module explains how to put the whole system together and gain the confidence to be a successful coach using the power of the Wise Woman Archetype. What it takes to step into your power and truly help others transform their lives.


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