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If you are an aspiring coach looking for the right coach training, join us for a free 5-day workshop.

Every day at 1PM ET Debra and Robert will go live on Zoom with powerful learnings and live coaching. Can't join us live? We will have an exclusive workshop Facebook Group for daily replays, deeper discussion and more.


Coaching to Accelerate Growth

What does it take to deliver deep, impactful changes in people’s lives? Explore key principles of Jungian Psychology and how they can be used to create lasting transformation through an empowered coaching model.

Revealing Your Shadow Side

Learn the foundation of shadow work and the role it plays in reaching our goals. Experience a taste of shadow work for your own self-knowledge and to inspire you to help access their full self-expression.

Accessing Your Creative Imagination

Imagine the ability to change someone’s life through helping them cultivate a rich inner world. We will look at engaging the emotions, imagination and creativity in the unconscious mind.

Creating From Your True Personality

How do you get someone to see their own unlimited nature when they are conditioned to see only barriers and problems? Learn how you can pivot your mindset and change the lives of others through this process of Individuation.

The Coaching Lab Experience

Experience the profound impact of shadow work in action. Join us to get a breakthrough in your life and see a Jungian Coaching demonstration. Meet our graduates and hear what they have to say about the training.

Live Q&A, Bonus Sessions and More!

Join us in the exclusive workshop Facebook Group for special bonus sessions to enhance and continue your growth.

Experience the Next Evolution in Coaching

Join CreativeMind Founders, Debra and Robert Maldonado, PhD, to embark on a journey of self-discovery while gaining insights into the profound impact you can have as a coach. Here's what you can expect:

  • Experience a revolutionary coaching model that integrates Jungian Psychology, Neuroscience, and Eastern Spirituality to unlock profound transformation.
  • Explore Jung’s Individuation process, using shadow work for deeper self-discovery and expedited growth.
  • Witness live coaching demonstrations to gain a direct experience of the techniques taught in our Jungian Life Coach training program.


Experience Jungian Psychology