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Become a Certified Jungian Life Coach next course begins February 15, 2022.

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Seeking purpose and meaning in your life and not finding it in your current job? Do you love personal growth and helping others and wish you could make that into your dream career? You have a passion for knowledge and want to turn that passion into a fulfilling new business, making your own hours while making a difference.  

The most powerful path to living your purpose starts with Life Coach training.  In just 6-months, after completing CreativeMind's remote, online training, you can become a Certified Life Coach. You will be part of a cohort of extraordinary women and a few enlightened men, with a shared goal to do what inspires you and experience true happiness in life.  

We developed the CreativeMind Method™ to go far deeper than just a basic life coaching process of goal setting or simply providing motivation. In this course, you will learn a model based on Jungian Theory, Eastern Spirituality and Social Neuroscience that helps your clients not only reach their goals but make lasting changes in their life by becoming their true Self.

We invite you to take this next exciting step in your journey with CreativeMind.

DEBRA BERNDT MALDONADO Certified Master Jungian Life Coach / Trainer



Jungian Life Coach Training is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). ICF is considered the gold standard in coaching and accreditation is issued only for those programs teaching to the highest standard.

Step into Your Purpose as a Certified Jungian Life Coach

The foundation of your success begins with the right training.

Many coach trainings only work on the conscious level, with focus on setting goals, positive thinking or reprogramming thoughts. This can be helpful to create small change, but without reaching the root or unconscious source of the issue there can be no deep and lasting transformation. The CreativeMind Method™is different.

Developed by a Ph.D. and Master Life Coach, the CreativeMind Method combines Jungian Theory, Eastern Spirituality and Social Neuroscience into a Life Coach training model that goes deeper to make lasting change. With this training, you can coach yourself and your clients to uncover, empower, and express the true Self.

Imagine that you can lead a client through a visualization that gives them insight into what is holding them back, or help them interpret a dream to uncover a hidden pattern or a guide to their next steps. As a Certified Jungian Life Coach, you will gain the tools such as working with your shadow, dream interpretation, and more to help your clients experience a feeling of connectedness, opening their heart to a new relationship and new opportunities. In the Jungian Life Coach Training, you will learn a complete system to help you guide a client to get the results they want in life . 

If you love personal development, spiritual wisdom and meditation, welcome home.

Jungian Theory

Get a foundation of Jungian theory such as shadow work, active imagination, dream interpretation, and archetypal symbols.

Eastern Spirituality

Our method is rooted in the philosophies of Eastern Wisdom Traditions, specifically Vedanta and Buddhism.

Social Neuroscience

Learn the neuroscience of thought and emotion and how to help people align their mindset to create changes in their life.

Introduction to Jungian Coaching Free 3 Video Series

Sign-up for a free 3-video series to learn about Life Coaching based in Jungian theory and tools to help others in a deeper way. Includes a free course handout and meditation.

Your Life Coach Certification Course

Begin your Life Coach Certification in a transformative 6-month online program designed primarily for women, and a few enlightened men. Go beyond simple motivation and positive thinking to a journey of self-realization based in Jungian theory, Eastern spirituality and Neuroscience. Use the links below to explore the details of the program.

Go Deeper with the CreativeMind Method

The CreativeMind Method is designed to assist individuals through what Jung called the Individuation Process - move from their limited, conditioned ego-self to creating life through their true personality. Our graduates are able to guide clients through a process using our transformational methods to work with the unconscious and create lasting change in their life.


A Complete Certified Life Coach Model that Works with any Niche or Market...

Graduates of CreativeMind Training are not cookie-cutter coaches. Our Certified Coaches apply the complete model in their specific niche to stand out from the competition, elevate their credibility, and offer clients a deep, transformative experience that keeps them coming back for more! Use your training education to specialize in your area of interest.

Love & Relationship Coach

Mind-Body Coach

Spiritual Coach

Success Mindset Coach

See What Our Students Are Saying

Hear from some of our Graduates that took the leap into living their passion.


"Whatever your field of work... I thoroughly recommend it to anyone wanting to help their clients find a lasting transformation."

- Anouska Taylor, Vocal Instructor,

"I loved the Jungian Life Coach Training because it was the most life changing training I have ever done."

- Lena Penteado, Certified Life Coach

"Working with Debra & Dr. Rob, I have more than tripled my 6-figure income. As my journey inward continued, my energy shifted and amazing career opportunities came my way."

- Joanne Newborn, Certified Life Coach |

Become a Jungian Life Coach

Our next cohort begins February 15, 2022. Book your free 15 minute consultation to talk to us about joining the program.

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